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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Fimmic Aims To Speed Up Patients' Treatment

Finnish Bio-IT startup raises over million euros – And now it’s time for some digitalized cloud-based research.

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Fimmic, A Finnish startup providing cloud-based software services, announced today closing of an investment round to speed up the development of their new solution for microscope image analysis. Total of €1.5 million was raised from new investors including IT executives Marten Mickos and Jukka Tapaninen, current shareholders and Tekes, the Finnish funding agency for innovation.

The new cloud service platform will expand Fimmic’s scope to diagnostics by employing machine vision and automated image analysis. It offers pathologists, microbiologists and researchers global access to fast, accurate and reproducible diagnostic support.

Essentially, such cloud services allows researchers to save time by automating slow and repetitive tasks, so that patients will receive faster treatment as experts are able to focus on them while machine performs automated tasks in the meantime.

“Our novel, disruptive software tools will significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of image-based diagnostics, and thus bring benefits to patients“, states Kaisa Helminen, the CEO of Fimmic.

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