MEMRY challenges Facebook and Instagram

    Swedish startup wants to help their users to share the meaningful moments of their lives.

    Did someone just spam your Facebook or Instagram feed full with pictures and videos?

    While the amount of content shared in social media is increasing constantly, Swedish startup MEMRY wants to help their community to share the bundles of videos and pics in albums with their social network.

    The co-founders of MEMRY, Pelle Kjellqvist and Peter Jundin, first got the idea for the app after participating in a music festival in Gothenburg, late in the summer of 2013. While they were sitting on the train traveling back towards Stockholm, they were of course going through all the great photos and videos they been taking over the weekend – and they figured out they didn’t want to share the content anywhere.

    It was cool to have thousands of friends on Facebook a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t not any longer, the co-founders describe the issue they spotted – And that’s how MEMRY was born. It’s a social platform where users easily can create beautiful albums, combining both photos and videos, that can either be shared with friends and family or just kept private.

    “There is approximately 180% higher interaction rate on the album format than single photos and status updates. People love albums, telling the full story of their travels, weddings or birthdays for example. Albums also add value to smaller events, like dinners, nights out with friends or spending time with your children,” describes Jundin, the CEO of MEMRY.

    Alongside sharing, the startup also wants to solve another issue for active mobile users: storing of photos and videos. All albums created on the app will be saved at MEMRY Cloud, so our users always have their important and most precious moments safely stored, even if one would delete the photos and videos on your phone because of lack of space, or by mistake.

    The company is launching today the first batch of MEMRY Heroes, the ambassadors of the album app.

    The feed of MEMRY looks pretty much the same than Instagram feed, but the main difference is that the pictures you see on the feed are actually cover photos of albums. When clicking an image, you’ll get to scan through a whole album of pics which are sorted as private profiles. On MEMRY, the users are in charge of their own photos while the startup is in charge of keeping them secure.

    The app is already live for iOS and they’re launching for Android this month. Jundin tells that they already have additional features planned to be added in the near future:

    “The upcoming share function will be based on Snapchat functionality – sharing to all your followers, selected groups of people, or specific individuals.”

    The future of MEMRY includes also a web based photobook function – printing physical photobooks out of the albums – which will be launched by the end of 2015 in cooperation with Elanders Group. This enables that the users will be able to create photo books of selected MEMRY albums only within 90 seconds, which will be sent to any location around the world.

    And all this aims at one simple goal – On becoming the new leading social platform in Europe and in the US.