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Applifier Adds Retargeting For Its Ad Publishers

applifierBig day yesterday for Applifier as the cross promotion bar on the popular social network, Facebook closed $2 Million in seed funding and announced its expansion into web based gaming as well. We reported just a couple of  weeks back of its plans for expanding into the Silicon Valley, speculating what news it might have for us by spring. All those news are important, but there’s another worthwhile mention; the addition of the retargeting to Applifier’s cross promotion bar.

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So what value does this add? Optimized messages to users who have previously experienced the game. This works by altering the messages a new or a returning user is shown. For example if you happen to come across it the first time, you will be displayed a message try our game, in case you have already made a click and returning you are presented a different message altogether. This might sound a bit pointless to mention but the sole purpose is to ensure user retention, which in my opinion is a major issue with not just apps but any notable service on the Internet.

Applifier has had its share of success right at the early stage when the app amassed 55 million users in just four months of its launch. There are other factors to gauge success as well. The most recent being the that of the company signing $2 million in funding from major investors, it is evident that there is a definite opportunity in web based gaming. But then growth is one element of success, the real issue comes with retention and ensuring users keep coming back to the service – also for Applifier.

Secondly Applifier has played a clean game by being data neutral and keeping away the demographics of where the users/traffic is coming from, from ad publishers. The idea to keep users’ interest in mind and exactly how an app should function is the key why Applifier continues to grow, there is of course quite a challenge posted by the likes of Digital Chocolate as well the Appstrip from Tapjoy. With new feature such as retargeting, Applifier becomes all the more interesting during the coming spring.

via Inside Social Games

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