WOT Achieves Another Milestone With 2 Millionth Registered Users

    WOT_snapWeb of Trust or WOT, the safe surfing software that protects surfers from malicious links, spyware and spam is growing bigger by the day. WOT achieved another milestone on 28th January, 2011 when it announced the registration of its 2 millionth users. Web of Trust had only recently released the WOT plugin for WordPress.

    It makes by belief more concrete in a statement that it is always the first few steps that appear exceedingly difficult. It was only a year back, in January 2010 when WOT gained the trust of its first 1 million users, the growth is phenomenal indeed and puts more emphasis on how concerned internet users are when it comes to Internet security. That’s not it, Web of Trust’s registered users ensure that they participate in its community that has over 17 million users to comment, rate and participate in discussions on the WOT forums.

    The idea is to help facilitate other users with its community, each comment on the WOT scorecards for example provide visitors on a site with extra information on how trustworthy a site is. The idea simply put is to ensure that every new user doesn’t have to be a lab monkey to actually use the site to find it is malicious or a spamming hub.

    The forums also provide website owners to get valuable feedback from the WOT users. They can have their site reviewed by the active community of the service.