Facebook And Spotify Rumored To Partner To Bring Music Streaming To The Social Network

    SpotifyThis is definitely making things for Spotify as (unconfirmed) reports rolled out that Facebook will be launching a music streaming service. This is expected to be launched in the first week of June. The service is currently being tested and upon launch will have users of the social network seeing a Spotify icon just beneath the Photos and other links on the left hand side.

    Users can click on the Spotify icon to  install the music streaming service on their desktops. This would enable users to play the millions of songs via Facebook, likewise letting Facebook users stream music simultaneously with their friends. This would be an extention of existing integration between the two services: Spotify’s desktop app already allows users to see their Facebook friends’ activity.

    This partnership will have mutual benefits for both of the brands. Facebook gets to finally boast about having music service that it had been trying to launch for quite a long time. Spotify will get to piggyback on the 700+ million users of Facebook. Plus, with 10 hours of free music per month, it will offer quite a lot for the users on the social network.

    There is no official word about this from either Facebook or Spotify but we are sure something is brewing between the two and we will soon have a word officially. If confirmed, Spotify’s biggest win in the deal would be to attract more users and better monetize its platform. It might also play a role in helping Spotify enter the North American market.