Estonian EdTech expands in Europe

Where are your papers? In European music academies, this question will soon be part of history.

Estonian EdTech startup DreamApply has won an order for Europe-wide Student Exchange Management system covering 280 music academies. When the system is live next year the students will be able to move from university to university without a need for exchanging any papers.

“The preparation works are in schedule and launch of the system is planned for early 2017,” said Märt Aro, head of international operations at DreamApply. “This is great news for both – students and universities. The paperwork for students to go to exchange has been tedious so far. With this project, a large share of documentation is filed automatically.” The platform promises to reduce 60 percent of email traffic.

Commercialized since 2011 in Latvia and Estonia, DreamApply found its niche and has swept across the continent ever since. DreamApply offers an admission system where both universities and prospective students can save time and benefit from the moment a student shows interest in her dream school to the point he or she enters the campus. Since Estonia adopted the system in 2011, the country has witnessed a four-fold increase in application numbers.