End of the sommelier – Vivino crowdsources the best wine

    If you’re turning your holiday champagne diet into a chardonnay cleanse, you might be interested to know that Danish startup Vivino has crowdsourced a list of the best wines selected by their users. Vivino has been steadily gaining more and more traction – this past year their users have left 13 million ratings for over 3 million different wines, giving a good crowdsourced directory of ratings that doesn’t rely on just one sommelier’s tastebuds. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a democratically selected wine list, so let’s throw some attention towards it.

    To be eligible to make it to their Best 100 Wines under $50 list, these wines had to have at least 100 ratings in 2014. Here’s a screenshot, but it’s best viewed on Vivino’s website.

    Have a favorite color or like bubbles? The People’s Choice list also breaks down to red, white, and sparkling.

    I’m a personal fan of Vivino thanks to being bad at selecting wine, or remembering what wine I’ve had that I actually like. Additionally the scanning technology where you just point your camera at the bottle is super cool – at dinner it’s fun to scan a bottle and then look on the map of what warm sunny place that wine came from.