Ehovoc Bring Winters Back To Arctic Circle

ehovoc01We less talk about the other polluting gases than CO2 reason for mild winters in Northern Europe. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) gases are evaporable organic compounds mainly produces by traffic and industry. Did you know that the contribution of VOCs to atmospheric warming can be even 12 times greater than CO2? ( I didn’t.)

Ehovoc is a Finnish Air Pollution Control company providing the technology for VOC treatment. Ehovoc’s product, catalytic VOC incinerator called Little Giant, remove VOCs produced in industrial processes. The company was founded in 1998 and located in Oulu, two hours from the Arctic Circle Rovaniemi. Our motto is: bring winters back to Northern Finland” says Ville Silvonen, Sales Director for Ehovoc.

There are different ways to reduce VOCs.  Ehovoc’s technology, catalytic oxidation,  does not create any harmfull by-products (like NOx and CO), like in case in dominating thermal oxidation process.

The key competitive edge on Little Giant is based on very low energy consumption enabled by efficient metallix heat exchangers together with long life catalysts. The unit is small and very compact. “Little Giant can reduce emissions for industrial VOCs by 98 per cent. In some cases, we can offer payback time less than one year” says Ville. The company has sold incinerators for wide range for industries including customers like Pirelli, Panasonic and Fermion.

The company targets to multiple its current two million euros turnover during next few years.  New CEO, Mika Rytky, background in automotive industry started in May. ” The EU’s VOC Directive has created 1 – 1,5 billion euros market in the EU area from the past years. In addition, rapidly increasing industrial pollution problem in India is offering us a new and undefined market opportunity”, says Ville. “Despite that cleaner production is becoming more popular globally in new industrial installations, we expect the market to provide stable demand also in future: there are always replacements to be done in existing one’s”. 

The global VOC treatment market is competed and diversified with 20 – 30 global operators. The price, references and cost-efficienty are leading the decision-making. The market is dominated by large North-European and US based companies, competing in several segments and technologies. ” Our strategy as a small company is to focus 100 – 500 million euros niche market as the state-of-the-art technology provider enabling energy efficient and generic solution suitable for many industries. On recent public competitions, our hit ratio have been around 30 per cent” says Ville.

The company is owned by personnel & private investors (49 per cent) and outside investor (51 per cent).