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Doro Creates Smartphone OS Targeted At Seniors

Doro, the Swedish handset maker for old folks, has just entered the smart device and application market. Called the Doro Experience, the handset maker is making available its smartphone OS for licensing. Applications built specifically for Doro can be downloaded through their app store, which includes a selection of easy-to-use third part applications. The overall user interface provides a “fuss-free” experience with well-spaced, large, and clear icons that are sure to be a hit with seniors.

A few apps have already been developed for the platform. Euronews provides a simple ticker of news in 11 different languages, while Medication for Private People is a searchable library of medicine in Swedish.

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The company has also created Doro Friends– a lite version of the Facebook platform.

Grandma is always calling to figure out how to change things on her phone, so Doro has made it easier to provide help. The Doro Experience Manager is a web-based management portal that allows friends and family to remotely manage content and applications on the device. Through the manager, photos and applications can easily be pushed onto, or removed from the device.

The platform has been demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress, but it’s not quite live yet. The platform will be available for license by third party device managers from spring 2012.

Jerome Arnaud, CEO commented: “This week is a milestone in our story. The Doro Experience is a significant step in the direction of our offering. We continue to adapt to the evolving needs of seniors, which is overall becoming more tech savvy. We’ve applied our extensive knowledge of seniors to our smart devices and applications – so customers will continue to enjoy a brilliantly simple Doro experience.”

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