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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

DataMarket Inverses Payment Model, Adds Features

Icelandic startup DataMarket announced it is flipping around their payment model and adding new features. Instead of charging the end user who receives the large datasets, the company is instead targeting subscription plans at data publishers. Clearly DataMarket is providing enough value to corporate and academic interests, and is selling enough access to premium datatsets if they think this is the best way forward.

Along with these changes, anyone can upload data for their own reporting and use, but to publish or sell the data users need to subscribe to one of their publisher plans.

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Another new feature is Topic pages, which are essentially dashboards or reports that any user can create based on live data. These pages can be private or shared. A pre-made topic page covering country statistics of Finland can be found here.

“Properly publishing data, managing a data offering and enabling visualizations and interactivity on top of it can be quite challenging for data providers. We want to move the delivery of research data away from emailing PDFs, Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations to being an interactive online process where users can ask their own questions of the data”, says Hjalmar Gislason, founder and CEO of DataMarket

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