Detectify picks up €1.5 million to hack your startup

    Stockholm-based Detectify has been a fun company to follow. With a team of hackers (in both the startup and Hollywood sense) they’ve done everything from hacking Google, Facebook, Spotify, Klarna, and Stripe for bug bounty programs. Taking their ethical hacker knowledge mainstream, they’ve built a “get hacked as a service” tool for anyone to hack their own web service and see how their cyber security stacks up.

    After analyzing a website, Detectify provides a report along with remediation tips to make it easy to use for those with little or no knowledge of web security to patch up those holes. The end goal for the company is to be the go-to security testing service, which is becoming more and more important after exploits like the Heartbleed bug shake up companys’ security.

    If you’re looking for more specifics, Detectify boasts 100+ attack vectors including OWASP Top 10 in a mix of zero day and signature-base scanning. Pricing is free for hobby projects and non-profits, but most startups and web services fall under their €70/month fee, making their model something like assurance you won’t be wide open to new exploits.

    “Quarterly security tests run by external consultant are no longer enough. Security testing must be fully integrated into the development process. The excellent customer feedback that we have received from our early users encourages us to further expand the service”, says Detectify’s CEO Rickard Carlsson in a statement.

    Now Detectify announces it has raised $1.7 million (€1.55 million) in a round led by Inventure and Paua Ventures. Other participants in the round include international security experts Nick Coleman, Risto Siilasmaa and Hannu Turunen.