1 Billion answers: Kahoot's growth in 3 numbers the video that explains why

    We’re running out of adjectives to describe Oslo-based Kahoot’s growth, so we’ll just get down to the numbers. But first- a little primer on the company for those who haven’t seen our past coverage.

    To get to the gist of what they do, Kahoot’s platform allows teachers to quiz their students on a big screen in front of the classroom by harnessing students’ mobile phones or classroom tablets. Students compete against each other to get the right answer, while the teacher gets live feedback on how each student is understanding the material.

    The company doesn’t just limit their platform to teachers, however. With their Learners to Leaders pedagogy they place a big emphasis on letting students create their own quizzes to put questions to their peers. It makes sense – you really forced to learn something when you have to teach it to others.

    Here’s where Kahoot is now:

    1. 30 Million Unique Users

    Kahoot has now reached more than 30 million unique users since starting in late 2011. Nearly 20 million of those unique users have been added in the last four months, after this year’s school season has gotten under swing.

    2. 1.6 million Kahoots (quizzes) played in the month of January

    Of these January 2015 numbers, these quizzes were played by 14 million players in over 100 countries.

    3. One billion answers given

    Here’s a nice round milestone. Kahoot’s creators have made more than 3 million Kahoots for others to play, with 100 million question asked, and 1 billion answers given.

    And finally, the video that explains why

    “If you get students to love it, teachers will love it,” Kahoot CEO Johan Brand told us last March.

    We think it’s super cool that a startup from the region becoming one of the most talked about EduTech products on the market and is providing real value to people. It’s the reason we had to invite Johan Brand to speak at the Arctic15. You can also find Kahoot at SXSW for those of you traveling to sunny Austin.