Danish GPS Sports Watch "Leikr" Hits Crowdfunding Goal

    What time is it in Denmark? No one’s sure, because their watches haven’t shipped yet. Leikr, the GPS sports watch we mentioned briefly on our Crowdfunding roundup has hit their ambitious quarter of a million dollar goal three days before their deadline, coming to a final backing of $267,389.

    SEED Capital points out that this makes them the biggest Danish success on Kickstarter.

    Features of the watch include a color 2 inch display, onboard maps from OpenStreetMap, and wireless connectivity for cable-less syncing of your workouts to the cloud.

    “First of all, we decided to use Kickstarter to achieve funding for scaling the production and enter the American market. It has been amazing seeing so much interest in the product and how the demand comes from all over the world. In addition to having received funding for the project, Kickstarter has also proven to be an excellent marketing platform,” says cofounder of Leikr, Cristiano Cairo.

    Aside from being able to market to the U.S., they seem to have found that Scandinavian consumers are picking up the crowdfunding concept as well.

    “Following the development on Kickstarter and seeing how we were closing in on the goal hour by hour, has been a very exciting experience. It has also been interesting seeing that many of our backers had never used the platform before and joined Kickstarter because of our product,” says cofounder of Leikr, Cristiano Cairo.

    The beta testing pre-orders will ship in April.