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Cute Attack Launches Captain Clumsy On iOS, Talks About Next iPad Release

Helsinki-ish based game studio Cute Attack has launched a new title on iOS entitled Captain Clumsy. Its a pretty cool game. It stars a clumsy pirate (given by hooks on both hands) who drops his gold from the top of the mast. You have to navigate him him down the masts to collect the gold, and avoid the jerk seagulls.

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The game is launching with 26 levels, and they say there’s lots of replay value. The app is free to play, and is monetizing through power-ups like gull smashers and coin magnets.

It’s tough to pin down where the company is from exactly, but enough members are from Finland to make it in the ArcticStartup coverage area. The team is completely distributed, with members spread across Finland and several locations in Germany. Behind the project they’ve got members including Benjamin Block, who’s finishing a PHD in simulation physics, as well as Ari Pulkkinen, the guy behind the Angry Birds soundtrack.

“In our case we became better and more efficient with this way of working,” says Giuliano Cremaschi, CEO and Lead Designer of Cute Attack Games. “Being distributed means that every second that you have you use it for something useful.”

The team has built their own cross-platform game engine (called Block Engine) which was used in the development of Captain Clumsy. What’s kind of cool about the game is that it all looks somewhat 2D, but everything – even the explosions – are rendered in 3D.

Up next they’re working on a new free-to-play iPad game targeting the casual to mid-core audience. They were pretty silent on the details, but the gameplay is going to be based on gesture tracing, and we heard that the characters are going to break the fourth wall in the gameplay, which is an interesting dynamic. On the technical side, they’re leveraging their engine to run some high end specs – they’re looking at 60 frames a second and 20 million polygons per second.

So far the team has been fully bootstrapped, but might be looking into investment to crank up development for their new game.

Here’s the video explaining their latest release. You can find it in the App Store.

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