Crowdfunding Roundup: Invesdor Launches In Swedish Markets

    Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post to bring you crowdfunding options in the region.

    This article is a roundup of companies anyone can invest into, but this time it’s also a chance to share some timely news. Invesdor has now launched two companies from Sweden you can invest in, which is their first launch outside of Finland. Currently Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and Danish companies can raise up to 1.5 million euros through Invesdor, while money can be raised from anyone in the world. So far 123,000 euros has been invested via Invesdor service in Finland since May 2012.

    Due to Swedish legal requirements, Swedish companies’ full pitch can only be shown to registered users of Invesdor, which is free to join. At launch, the following are the two Swedish companies that you can invest into:

    First, there is SenseM, a company that will put sensors on your body for a wide variety of uses. Currently they have been successfully using the system to monitor Parkinson’s disease patients. However the ambitions are high and some other verticals are gaming, security, health and fitness are on the radar. As their CEO, Stanley Wissmar put it: “We see great opportunities in developing intelligent medical and mobile solutions for people in motion”.
    Find SenseM at

    The second company is CiboApp, a complete and integrated restaurant management, pos, sales & marketing tool. Basically what they promise is that with their system, running a restaurant is as easy as playing “Restaurant Empire” the video game. They are a more established business with operations in China and India. When talking about crowdfunding, Faridoon Qazi, the CEO, said that: “With Invesdor, we challenge the Swedish public to support Swedish entrepreneurship.”
    Find CiboApp at

    As a closing note, we want to remind you that Climbstation’s crowdfunding efforts are due in 13 days and they are already 78% of the way to their minimum funding goal. Climbstation is an awarded Finnish innovation which makes it possible to practice real climbing and descending without the need of ropes, instructor, or high ceiling. It’s ideal for gym, leisure, and private use, and is definitely an interesting company to look into.
    Check out Climbstation’s full pitch here.

    Other companies on Invesdor include Delish deli and corner store; Ape TV, a patented way to watch your mobile on TV; and Epooq, a new interenet service for reliving, storing and sharing life experiences.