Coinify takes another step towards mainstreaming Bitcoin adoption

    Danish Coinify confirms its position as the leading European digital currency platform as they announce acquiring Coinzone. The company states that with the acquisition, European Bitcoin scene receives a significant boost as the deal was bound to the continent.

    “We reached out to Coinify as we believed that we could strengthen the position of a European-based Bitcoin provider. Coinify has a strong financial management team, supportive investors behind it, and together with the strong position that Coinzone has built over the last few years, we look forward to even more growth with Coinify,” says Manuel Heilmann, the CEO of Coinzone – A company headquartered in the Netherlands.

    The acquisition will take place in August. For all Coinzone merchants and partners, this means continuing business as usual with additional products and offerings.

    “We welcome aboard Coinzone’s merchants and partners to Coinify, and will make sure that we continue the good work of Coinzone. Coinzone has done a remarkable job, especially considering its short time in the market,” says Mark Højgaard, the CEO of Coinify.