Startup Safary comes to Copenhagen

    The team behind the Startup Guide-books in Aarhus and in Berlin are introducing their Startup Safary event concept to the Copenhagen startup scene this November.

    During the two-day event, more than 50 startups, tech companies, shared office spaces, corporates and hotspots will open their doors to speaks, presentations and workshops all over the city. Startup Safary, arranged on the 19–20th of November, is open for everyone interested in the Copenhagen startup-ecosystem.

    Thomas Nymark Horsted, managing partner at Startup Guide and project leader on Startup Safary, believes they’ll bring something new to the Copenhagen scene:

    “The cool thing about Startup Safary is that you get to experience ’the animals’ in their natural environment – by companies opening their offices all over the city. In that way it is different from so many other events that takes place in the town hall or conference centre.”

    Focus on the Nordics

    The Startup Safary concept was launched in Berlin in 2012 as their goal to connect all the actors of the local startup communities. The concept has been expanded to more than 10 countries this year.

    ”We know that it is important to highlight entrepreneurs as role models, create an open and risk willing culture and make access to capital easier in order to attract talent. That is the value we and many others are trying to bring to Copenhagen and hopefully other Nordic cities in the future,” says Horsted.

    Sissel Hansen, Thomas Nymark Horsted and Ines Pedro form the core team of Startup Guide.

    The event is an official part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week –program in Denmark. At the closing party of Startup Safary, on the evening of November 20th, the third Startup Guide – Startup Guide Copenhagen – will be published.