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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Estonian CognitiweAI raises $1.05 million to drive global expansion of its AI-driven retail solutions

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Tallinn-based CognitiweAI OÜ has successfully closed a funding round, raising $1.05 million. The investment round was led by prominent venture capital firms and angel investors, including TechOne VC, Eleven Ventures, Flat6Labs, Domino VC, and Caucasus VC. The company specializes in AI solutions for visual analysis, with its flagship product, Wefresh, offering real-time insights and data-driven predictions for retail operations. The funding will be used to establish Cognitiwe as a market leader in AI-supported image processing technologies globally, focusing on growth through team expansion and the development of more intensive activities to reach customers.

This funding marks a significant milestone for CognitiweAI OÜ, highlighting its innovative approach to AI-driven retail solutions. The company’s flagship product, Wefresh, is designed to revolutionize retail operations by providing real-time insights and data-driven predictions. Using advanced AI and image processing technology, Wefresh enables retailers to optimize their business operations, particularly in areas such as quality control, stock tracking, and product freshness.

As CognitiweAI OÜ Co-Founder and CEO Attila Algan expresses gratitude for the support from investors, stating, “We are thrilled to have the backing of these esteemed investors who share our vision. This funding will enable us to establish Cognitiwe as a market leader in AI-supported image processing technologies in the global market, and we are excited about the opportunities it opens up for us. Throughout our journey, while perfecting our product, we have also focused on the necessary infrastructure work to become a global player. We have signed contracts with local partners and global sales networks in many different regions of the world. As a result, we have gained significant visibility in various regions, from South America to Australia, from the Middle East to Europe. With the conclusion of our new investment round, we will focus on growth by both enhancing our team and engaging in more intensive activities to reach customers.”

The company’s focus on growth includes enhancing its team and expanding its global sales networks. With contracts signed with local partners and sales networks in regions worldwide, CognitiweAI OÜ is well-positioned for continued success in the AI retail industry.

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