Chris Thür of Ovelin puts down the Guitar to Show Us Their Office

    Yesterday we did a call for Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurs to show off there startup pads, and we’ve already gotten hit by Helsinki-based guitar teaching startup Ovelin, maker of the guitar teaching apps, Wildchords and GuitarBots.

    In the above picture, Thür says, “You can see our fun room featuring a drum kit, piano, Ramses the weird synthesizer, grass floor, Carsten the crocodile, a tribute to super mario on the wall, and furniture in Tetris block style, a flamingo hat and plenty of other weird things to be discovered.”

    If you’re looking to pick up your guitar again, Thür says that they’ll give away a three month GuitarBots premium account to whoever is the first in the comments to find the three stuffed game characters in the pic.

    Down below they’ve got, “A Swiss punch bag (notably I am Swiss), a Tuba full of fruits, an elk carrying a super mario mushroom.”

    What makes your office ‘your office’?
    Playful, fun and lots of instruments to make noise.

    How do you think your office best facilitates your team’s work flow?
    Most walls are painted with idea paint, so you can draw, write, scribble one every wall, including the bathroom.

    What are the top three most repeated phrases?

    Lunchify (lets go for lunch)

    Push-ups (voluntary push-ups after the 10am scrum stand-up)

    Pony session (whenever we have UI/visual sessions with more than 2 people, see image)

    Shoes on or shoes off?
    Off, especially in the grass

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