Helsinki's Klaus K Design Hotel Offers Entrepreneurial Innovation Award

    You can tell entrepreneurial buzz is picking up in Helsinki when Finland’s top design hotels are catering to local entrepreneurs, much like the new Klaus K Entrepreneurial Innovation Award that will be given out at Slush this year. It makes sense for the family run hotel as more startups are looking for beds when flying in partners and to host events, much like Jolla’s Sailfish launch party, which was held at the hotel.

    “We want to showcase a dynamic innovation that adds to quality of life, longevity and sustainability,” says Marc Skvorc, General Manager at Klaus K.

    It seems like a good deal for entrepreneurs, the winner will have the opportunity to showcase their innovation in Klaus’s LIVINGROOM, a new work-leisure lobby space. “Our way of working is about challenging the traditional aspects of the hotel business,” says Skvorc. “It’s for the people and by the people.”

    The panel deciding who will receive the award includes, Anne Berner, Owner of Vallila Interiors; Pekka Mattila, Group Managing Director and CEO at Aalto University Executive Education; Will Cardwell, Senior Advisor, Global Alliances at Aalto University; and Marc Skvorc, General Manager of Klaus K.

    The winner of the award will get a €1,000 entertainment credit for food and drinks, with the intention the winner will use it to host potential customers, investors, and partners.