Estonians Launch Messenger Shop

Estonian startup Cartskill has launched a Facebook Messenger store, one of the first of its kind, for local fashion brand Monton.

With more than half of Facebook users performing some of their everyday shopping on the social network, and Messenger user-numbers topping 1 billion, online shopping has started to move also to instant messaging with the help of chat bots like Cartskill.

Cartskill says it differs from all shopping applications and apps, because it is the first of its kind in Messenger e-commerce solutions that uses product analysis based on visual similarity. Using image-based analysis, each client can find a suitable item of clothing or outfit quickly and conveniently.

People in 44 countries can use Facebook Messenger to purchase and order Monton’s clothing lines through Facebook Messenger.

“CartSkill application is a bot that uses the technology of artificial intelligence to analyse the photos from Monton’s women collections pixel by pixel. The bot recommends to the client the most suitable pieces of clothing based on their first preference,” co-founder Indrek Vainu said in a statement.


To try the new offering go to Monton’s Facebook page, click “Message” and type /shopmonton into the message field.

Monton belongs to the Baltika Group, which is the largest fashion design enterprise in the Baltics.