BREAKING: Dazzboard Received 1 Million USD Investment From Finland

    dazzboardWhile presenting at the MindTrek Launchpad competition in Tampere (Finland), LinkoTech CEO, Tero Salonen, just announced that the company has closed one 0.5 million US dollar first round funding for its Dazzboard product, and is in the process of closing the other half of the round, totaling to 1 million US dollars. The 0.5 million investment comes from Finnish investors.

    Dazzboard is branded as an ‘Open iTunes’. Dazzboard wants to become a non-proprietary, web-based personal portal for storing, organizing and sharing (via different of social networks) songs, photos, videos and other media content.

    We have our worries with the product and the experience, but I’m happy that Dazzboard team has found believers that are willing to invest in the company. Congrats to the team!