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Finnish gaming company collects €5M seed to upgrade gameplay experience

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Helsinki-based gaming company BITODD raises €5M in a seed round led by Index Ventures, a European venture capital firm. Eric Seufert from Heracles Capital and angel investor Stephane Kurgan also join the company. BITODD’s main focus is to give gamers ultimate gaming experience and user exposition. The funding will create a smooth path to develop their game and achieve this mission. They are also expanding their team which they use a unique way to advertise that.

BIT ODD comes out of stealth and raises €5m Seed round to build games filled with wonder, weirdness and delight

BIT ODD, a gaming company based in Finland, founded by some of the lead creatives behind Supercell’s hit games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale has raised €5m in a round led by Index Ventures. Index has a long track record of backing paradigm-shifting gaming businesses, including Supercell, King, Roblox and Dream Games. BIT ODD is also welcoming two experienced gaming operators: Eric Seufert, who is investing via his Heracles Capital fund, and Stephane Kurgan who joins as an angel investor.

BIT ODD is bringing back a sense of wonder and weirdness to gaming, qualities that they feel has been lost in the ‘gold rush’ of mobile games in recent years. BIT ODD are striving to create engaging titles ‘not based on data but on feeling, on what stirs the soul, on visiting uncharted waters, on the ideas and artisanal touches and magical moments that make up a rich and unique player experience’ as the CEO and co-founder Lasse Louhento sets out in a blog that you can read below.

BITODD, Index Ventures, Sofia Dolfe“BIT ODD have assembled a first-class team and possess a clear vision that sets them apart from the pack,” says Sofia Dolfe, the investor at Index who led the round. “Their sense of quirkiness, fun and creativity taps into something that’s fallen out of focus in gaming. Along with their track record of making genre-defining, break-out hits, we believe their first release will be something extraordinary.”

Along with Louhento – formerly the Game Lead and Art Director of Clash of Clans at Supercell – BIT ODD was co-founded by Jani Lintunen, a Clash universe game developer and artist, and Taneli Oksama, Clash lead artist. The three of them worked together for over 6 years at Supercell on the Clash titles – both of which are still in the top 10 grossing on US iOS and have millions of daily active users.

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