Atomico III Official Announcement

    We got a quick post out after someone saw some SEC filings, but today Atomico has officially announced Atomico III, their new fund. They officially closed at an impressive $476 million (€352 million), which they mention is about three times the size of their previous fund. Atomico was founded in 2006 by co-founder of Skype Nikolas Zennström.

    In their announcement they write:

    With Atomico III we’re building a concentrated portfolio of technology based growth companies that are looking to scale their businesses, again primarily outside Silicon Valley. We look for companies led by brilliant entrepreneurs which have a hit product, underpinned by excellent technology, with impressive growth. We look for companies with the potential to become an international category winner. And, crucially, we look for companies which can attack and transform large industries, both domestically and globally.

    We look for these characteristics because that’s where we see the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs – and because, with our experience building mass-market, international companies at Skype and elsewhere, that’s where we can provide the most practical help.

    You can read the entire announcement here.

    Their more notable holdings out of their 50+ investments include Skype, Supercell, Rovio, Klarna, The Climate Corporation and Fab. Atomico invests all over the world, but with the Atomico name behind so many of the region’s major companies, ArcticStartup will likely be writing about more Atomico investments soon.