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UseTrace, Web Functionality Testing With A Human Touch Raises €120 000

So you are in a startup and you have a website that has a fairly large amount of features, pages and steps that a user can take. Since you often update the code, some of these features and pages break once in a while and normally you have to either magically find the bug or wait until one of your, now unhappy, customers let’s you know about the problem.

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This is where UseTrace comes in with an aim to save the day. The startup let’s you teach it any step that you might want tested on a regular basis and then automatically tries to go through the process as your user would.

To do so, you just have to navigate the page yourself once and it will memorize what needs to be tested. This can include filling out forms, going through a purchase basket and more.

As the CEO and founder of UseTrace told ArcticStartup: “our testing tool is testing the most crucial and critical functionality of website from a human perspective. Such as logging in or buying from a webstore. It doe this fast.“

The company has announced a seed round of €120 000 from four undisclosed angel investors and aims to use the funds to speed up the growth of the company. 

To date, they have 300 registered users from 34 countries and perhaps most impressively have DealDash as their paying client. DealDash is a pretty busy website and if anything breaks, it will cost the company real money immediately, so it does make sense to have an immediate usability test in place that will make sure everything works on every release.

We gave it a go on ArcticStartup.com and it was fun to see the system check the commenting system immediately after we showed that it was what we wanted checked.

It automatically goes through your source and looks for ID’s, CSS attributes and other code elements and tries to automatically match everything together. It then creates a path that it remembers and checks every time the code changes.

It is a good idea, but we are not sure what size companies and sites would benefit the most from it and what pricing model would be most effective. Since you do not need to install anything, you can go ahead and set-up a trace for your startup, or any other site, to see how it functions. Let us know what you think.

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