Asio Brings Button Messenger to Google Play

    Venturing into something new, Asio-Data predominantly creates software packages for educational organisations and travel operators, however the Finnish firm has just released a new application, Button Messenger: I am Alive! on Google Play. The messaging application allows the user to communicate simply by sending a preset message. Button Messenger: I Am Alive! is targeted at the elderly, children and travellers for regularly updating loved ones. Button Messenger: I Love You! is another Asio product on Google Play that sends customised love messages.

    In a marketplace where there are hundreds of messaging applications available and given that Asio only has Button Messenger: I Am Alive! on Google Play, what differentiates this Helsinki based startup to Whatsapp et al?

    Given that Asio are targeting either the elderly or young, their main focus was on usability and easily customisable messages. A user from the US believes the product has improved how she communicates with loved ones in need emergency, `I am diabetic and was very sick lately and I had a hard time remembering my daughter-in-law’s phone number. This app came a life-saver in an emergency versus wearing a panic button. Very simple to use‘.

    Unlike other messaging services on the App Store or Google Play, Button Messenger: I Am Alive! allows for fast communication to recipients whom may not have a smartphone, this is due to each message being sent via SMS and not over cellular data. This is something that other messaging apps don’t currently allow for. Also users are able to customise the button messenger to their own language, giving the app further potential in different markets around the world.

    What’s been key for Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook Messenger, is the cross functionality. Users want a messaging platform that allows them to communicate to friends and family on any operating system.  Given that Button Messenger: I Am Alive! isn’t trying to target the same users as the other popular messaging apps, it’s still essential to provide cross platform functionality. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time that Button Messenger: I Am Alive! will appear on the App store and therefore the potential for growth is huge. Another startup to keep an eye on.

    Check out Button Messenger: I Am Alive! here.