Artists Fan Club Go Mobile With FansMagnet

FansMagnetEveryone wants a fanpage, don’t they? At least a few might wish to have one but with artists and celebrities, it is absolutely essential. Which is why almost every artist already has one or two [official and unofficial alike], but that’s old now and mobile is the new path to walk. FansMagnet, a Santa Clara, CA based mobile tech startup headed by Sami Inkiläinen as their CEO, is taking the artists a step forward. The company, Fountainment Oy, is registered to Finland.

FansMagnet recently launched its mobile application that lets any artist create their own mobile fan club in a matter of a few clicks. And the best bit, it’s free. The idea is simple, give a more literal approach to the phrase connecting with your fans on the go and vice versa.

FansMagnet leverages the existing social networks, mobility and digital payment to bring forth this app for both the artists as well as their fans. The application itself promises to be fun to use and interactive with following features:

Social networking with Twitter and Facebook integration

  • Discussion walls
  • Product catalogues
  • Streaming Music

Those are just a few features to name. I might be a bit wrong here, but it gives me an impression of a well knit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. What the FansMagnet App Builder does is give the artists an easy way to manage their personal fan following, keep them updated on the move and stay connected with them. As for fans, it provides them an app on the mobile platform of their interest a way to follow their favorite band/artist and connect with the like minded people. The app is totally customizable and each artist can give their brand the look and feel that they love.

The app most definitely sounds like an amalgamation of numerous services ported under one banner on a mobile platform. But it is definitely heading in the right direction. Primarily for the fact that Mobile devices will be more focused upon and will not only be considered as the traditional communication tool. You have already got maps, video streaming services, group calling, etc. So why not give famous folks a chance to move from fan pages to fan-apps!

via Appgyverblog