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Skype Introduces Group Video Calling, Keen At Acquiring Qik

skypeThere are mixed reports on the communication platform provider, Skype showing willingness to acquire Qik, the video streaming service for an undisclosed amount. The indications of this first sprung when Skype’s CEO, Tony Bates agreed on Skype having intentions to do so. Though the price is undisclosed, it is reported to be in the $100 Million range with the deal expected to close by the end of January.

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The acquisition of Qik makes sense and blends with the recent growth of Skype and its expansion into the mobile arena. The communication has expanded into the smartphone area with recent activation of two way video calling for the iPhone and a more recent group video calling service for consumers and enterprises. This was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show and opens up opportunities for both consumers and enterprises to leverage its platform to stay connected with friends and co-workers across the globe.

This service is available as part of the newly introduced Premium Package which offers users with group call facilities as well as access to live chat customer support for €3.49 ($4.99 /£2.99) as a day pass. There is also a monthly plan priced at €5.99 ($8.99/£4.99) a month. You can view details on this here.

The same feature is also available for Skype for Business, a desktop application that gives enterprises better control and monitoring features on how employees use Skype at workplace.

Skype has been a global phenomenon when it comes to connecting people giving them an easy and efficient way to effectively communicate with anyone. Skype is unlike other services that charge high subscription rates that drive users away from using such services. With Skype’s  easy to use platform, cheap caller rates, it is definitely a winner in the race.

Coming back to its acquisition of Qik, the video streaming platform has given millions of users globally which one minute reason for fishing Skype’s interest. But the more important reason in my opinion is that Qik operates across 200 mobile platforms, which include Android, iPhone,  Windows Mobile, Symbian and the BlackBerry, giving Skype the right infrastructure to leverage and expand into the Mobile arena.

It will be interesting to see how the deal progresses and how exactly does this help Skype with its Mobile initiatives.

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