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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Danish startup raises €1.4 million to revolutionize asset maintenance with SAP mobile apps

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Copenhagen-based B2B SaaS startup Arkyn has successfully secured €1.4 million in funding, with Trifork Labs taking the lead and Arkyn founders, management team, and private investors also participating. Specializing in user-friendly mobile apps built on SAP, Arkyn aims to streamline asset maintenance operations for field service and manufacturing companies. The newly acquired funds will be allocated towards advancing their mobile apps, potentially expanding their product offerings, improving existing features, investing in research and development, bolstering sales and marketing endeavors, and expanding their global reach. Moreover, the funding is expected to support the growth of their team and infrastructure, in response to the growing demand for their services. With this significant milestone, Arkyn aims to establish a solid foundation for future business operations and accelerate its trajectory of growth and expansion.

The closing of this funding round is an important strategic step for Arkyn. With a recent shift in focus from aggressive growth to sustainable business in the venture capital market, Arkyn has brought Martin Holm Nielsen onboard, co-founder and newly appointed CEO, to build a solid foundation for future business operations.

Martin Holm Nielsen has successfully adapted the company strategy to current market conditions, and with the signing of two exclusive, international brands and the development of a much sought-after Planning & Scheduling solution, Arkyn is positioned on track to profitability. This capital round is a stamp of approval from investors as Arkyn expands its international foothold.

“The vote of confidence from our investors means a lot to us, as we fully understand how difficult the fundraising process has been to many of our peers. We are working hard to repay the trust by building new and deep customer relationships and thus accelerating our growth and expansion”, says Martin Holm Nielsen.

Arkyn has been building apps on top of SAP that targets field service and manufacturing companies since 2020. The apps are created to match the specific roles and responsibility of the maintenance workers with the features needed to complete their tasks.

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