ArcticStartup Is Looking For A Cleantech Writer

    windmillArcticStartup is evolving as any healthy venture needs to. After talking to a lot of our readers we are ready to expand our editorial scope towards covering more of what all of us here are so passionate about, not just one industry but startups in general.

    We chose the direction that we’re most excited about apart from the area that we already cover. We’re going for cleantech (or greentech depending on what you want to call it)! Irrispective of what you call it, we are now looking for a writer to join our ranks here at ArcticStartup and be a full fledged member of our editorial team.

    Not just any blogger though. We are looking for the same passion that drive us each and every day. Naturally, we expect you to know the area of expertise and have something to show for it, be it a job, a resume, magazine articles, a blog, an event you organized, you name it. We are not particularly interested what you’ve done or what you do, as long as you’re passionate about cleantech and everything around it, and want to share what’s happening in the cleantech startup industry in the Northern Europe with our readers.

    Some of you might have justified fear what happens to the current editorial that revolves around internet, mobile software startups and growth entrepreneurship. It gets stronger, that’s what! Each week we get a deeper and better view into the Northern European internet and mobile startup industry and each day we are more excited about it. We keep blogging and pushing the scene stronger than ever, now we just have the Northern Europen cleantech startup industry growing with us.

    Long story short, If you understand cleantech, are passionate about cleantech startups and would like to share your insight with the world, write to us at info[at] There’s 30 000+ page views a month and 130+ countries following after all, so you’re set for a wide readership. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, write to us anyway. If in doubt whether you know enough about the startup industry in cleantech, write to us anyway. Only thing we absolutely require is passion.

    photo by George Lu