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ArcticStartup Is Hiring: Opportunities in sales & marketing

Globally, your working hours are on average 8.7 hours a day or 51% of your waking life. So why people do not find something they love and can relate to is beyond our understanding. That is why one of the biggest goals of ArcticStartup has been to create a workplace that every employee wants to go to in the morning when they wake up (whenever or wherever that is).

Today, we are announcing our hiring campaign, as we are looking for people who want to change the future of work. If you share this with them and they apply – you get rewarded too. We have three positions to fill, but they are not just any positions as they come with a few opportunities that might surprise you, for example:

You can start your own company with us while getting your full salary.

You can use our connections to help your career and potential future business.

You can get access to all of our portfolio companies and opportunities within them.

ArcticStartup is building something new and exciting, and we want you to be a part of our growth. In just a couple of years we have grown from a blog of two guys into a conglomerate of the 21st century.

As we are taking next steps we are looking for people to grow together with. We are looking for sales-masters and marketeers for ArcticStartup and CoFounder Magazine. Do not be discouraged if your skillset is not exactly matching these roles, we are always looking for awesome people to join our dream team:

* Marketing growth hacker

* Sales lead for CoFounder Magazine

* Sales guy/girl for ArcticStartup

It would be great if you could sell ice to Eskimos, but let’s be honest – it’s 2017, the ice is melting fast everywhere in the Arctic and most of the companies we work with are leaders of the world in their segments.

So yes, it’s a startup job, but for the sales positions, you would need to be comfortable also among people who tend to wear a tie. (You don’t have to, a promise.)

We are working on providing opportunities to people inside the company but also around it, while building communities. At ArcticStartup, we do not want to create a hierarchy that you spend 40 years trying to get to the top of. Instead, we want to create a system where anyone can follow their dreams and branch out their ideas, passions or perhaps find them from within the company. That is what we want to support everyone in.

To make the ArcticStartup flourish we need great people who can stand behind our goals, ideas & ambitions. We are working on a large number of projects and ideas that are both within the Media & Events space, but also outside of it. To validate them and to grow – we need to create and nourish partnerships and for that – we need persons who can actively sell and a marketer who can push our vision to the world.

So, if you know anyone or would like to give it a try yourself – please simply fill out or ask them to fill out this form. The process is fast, simple and we think – fun. With the same form, you can apply to become an intern or join us in any other capacity too.

When applying, you do not have to have all of your experience coming from a sales background – in fact, Romain, our recent top seller, was a kindergarten teacher before this. All we care about is your passion for people, your ability to learn quickly, intelligence and a lot of ambition to achieve something great. We will help you along the way.

Experienced sales people are warmly welcome too, of course. Having done door-to-door sales, real-estate sales and retail sales – seeing a good salesperson always warms my heart and we appreciate the skills dearly.

Warning, all three jobs contain an unsafe amount of fun, plenty to do and opportunities to travel to both neighbouring and not-so-neighbouring countries. Most importantly – it is what you make of it and can later transition to anything you will find within the company that you can help us with the most. Complete with brand-new business lines, new projects or your own business.

Apply here: ArcticStartupishiring

And If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail to joppe@arcticstartup.com

Some pictures that will make you feel right at home:

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