New Leadership Programme on Human and Planetary Opportunities

Attention all leaders, entrepreneurs, and founders from the Baltics! The Stockholm Resilience Centre in collaboration with Swedish Institute offers a leadership programme called LEAP. The program is designed for entrepreneurs working to transform society and regenerate our planet.

Together, participants will address some of the world’s biggest social and ecological challenges and explore opportunities to build globally relevant solutions that serve both people and planet.

The LEAP programme is open for future leaders and change makers aspired to innovate at the system level. Highly skilled developers, serial entrepreneurs, creative designers, intrapreneurs as well as government officials, financiers, researchers, are welcomed to join the program and work on new innovative ideas for the benefits of the society and economic growth. An important part of the program is to connect participants with different backgrounds and create ecosystems of actors who jointly increase the transformative impact on society.

The Leap program is organized as a three-month “mindset expansion” with three in person learning modules:

4–7 September 2017 Module 1 – Human thriving

3–6 October 2017 Module 2 – Planetary thriving

13–16 November 2017 Module 3 – Social thriving

Two of the learning modules will take place in the Stockholm region, Sweden and one in Tallinn, Estonia. Participants will also be asked to join the three online courses, following each in person module, and have peer to peer coaching throughout the program.

All costs related to accommodation, food and transport during the LEAP programme are covered. The program will pay for transportation to and from the modules locations (Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia).

Besides Baltic countries, permanent residents of Sweden, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, or Armenia are eligible.

Apply by July 3rd.