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ArcticStartup Expands Into Clean Tech. Welcome Päivi

päivi at arcticstartupThe search has ended and we are happy to announce our Editor for our clean tech section. We received numerous high quality applications (Thank you everybody who applied!) and chose the one we thought was the best fit for ArcticStartup.

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We welcome Päivi Kangasmäki to our team to be heading our reporting on the world of clean technology startup in the Northern Europe. We feel very fortunate to have her join our ranks.

Päivi is currently working as a Business Development Manager in Cleantech sector at Lahti Science and Business Park, where her current work is to build up and to boost the Finnish cleantech companies in their early stages.

She worked for financial industry for over 12 years. Her experience covers treasury and asset management, and both venture capital and equity market. Her entrepreneurship background includes developing of angel and venture backed brokerage house in Finland.

Now, you might might be concerned, and rightly so, that we are moving away from the consumer web startups while expanding into other areas. Let me assure you that we are not. Consumer web and software is what most of our team is most passionate about and that won’t change! Let me quote myself from my earlier post:

Some of you might have justified fear what happens to the current editorial that revolves around internet, mobile software startups and growth entrepreneurship. It gets stronger, that’s what! Each week we get a deeper and better view into the Northern European internet and mobile startup industry and each day we are more excited about it. We keep blogging and pushing the scene stronger than ever, now we just have the Northern Europen cleantech startup industry growing with us.

Thus, if anything we are just expanding our scope to cover more of the passion filled startups and companies in their early stages fighting the battle for existence in a high-riks high-reward game. Having said that, it should not go without mentioning that we are working all those late nights searching for the next promising startups for you guys, our readers. So if you feel we’re not bringing in all the value we could, do let us know and we do our best to develop our editorial accordingly.

It’s been an exciting ride so far and there’s so much more to come. We are all very excited to start bringing visibility into the wonders of clean tech with Päivi along with building our current editorial even stronger.

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