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Arctic15's Food Street Goes Finland

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We really liked that tweet – other tweets from called us the best conference food they’ve ever had 2014 and it naturally puts some pressure on us. Year-by-year we want to improve things and make the whole conference experience memorable for our attendees. As we expect everyone to eat and drink while doing business, learning new things and creating new connections, this year we wanted to find a fresh angle to continue on last year’s success on the catering part. Here’s what we came up with…

2015’s Arctic15 Food Street will offer a 100% Finnish menu, meaning all the dishes and ingredients are coming from Finland. We have partnered up with Food from Finland export program bringing the delicious taste of pure, fresh and high quality food from Finland all over the world. Arctic15 offers a great opportunity to enjoy Finnish flavors combining traditional elements to the trendy New Nordic kitchen.

Sauna and smoke combined is an inseparable part of the Finnish culture, so we asked our chefs to create the menu so that you will experience multiple taste points of smoked products, be it pork, fish, elk or even cheese. Fish being very popular dish in Finland, we have selected two of the finest ones, one for each day, from Chipsters. Finland’s forests are filled with flavors in the form of mushrooms and berries, and this has been duly noted in the menu. Enjoy the cloudberry and lingonberry flavors in your dessert. And as Finns love their fresh bread, be assured that there will be a good selection of breads and spreads available to complement the meal.

For the breakfast part, there is no other way to go than with porridge while in Finland, and our chefs will set up a porridge bar with various choices made from Helsinki Mills, Finland’s largest processor of organic grains. Top it up with delicious raspberry, sea buckthorn, strawberry and cloudberry jams provided by Herkkumaa. Also gourmet sandwich selection is available in the morning, designed from Finnish ingredients and freshly baked by chef Kristian Vuojärvi, the captain of the Finnish national cooking team. Your day will have a great start.

For your caffeine fix, Reaktor is setting up a Cafe with baristas armed the finest coffee beans to take care of your coffee needs. FourSigmaFoods will join with their amazing instant mushroom drinks and the rumor is that they have something new in their sleeve for the coffee addicts too. On the soft drinks side, selection of wind power produced premium lemonades from Laitilan will be available, not to forget mention the amazing freshly squeezed apple juice from Chipsters. Drinks will be served non-stop during the whole day.

As usual, all this is included in your ticket. You don’t have to dig out your wallet or hope that the payment machine connects to the network fast. Just grab and go, and enjoy the Food from Finland.

The breakfast will be served from 8:30 until 10:30 and lunch from 11:00 to 15:00, so no matter what time you feel like grabbing something to eat, head towards the Food Street. And remember to talk to other people about the food, business, the weather, your cat’s new toy, going to Mars, or saving the world.

Day 1


Finnish porridge breakfast served daily in our fancy porridge bar.

Freshly made home-baked sandwiches by Soup&Juice : Mozzarella-pesto, Goat cheese-tomato, Smoked ham


Menu by Chef Kim Palhus
Fried fillet of pike perch à la Mannerheim with dill stewed potatoes

Sauna smoked ham filled breast of chicken with grain seed pilaf and sauce of smoked cheese

Vegetarian option: Cheese gratinated beetroot patties, with grain seed pilaf and sauce of smoked cheese

Åland´s pancake with apple jam

Menu by Chef Petteri Uuttu
Smoke-cured pork, served with mustard-coleslaw and black currant juiced red cabbage

Creamy Salmon Soup

Day 2


Finnish porridge breakfast served daily in our fancy porridge bar

Freshly made home-baked sandwiches by Soup&Juice : Mozzarella-pesto, Goat cheese-tomato, Smoked ham.


Menu by Chef Kim Palhus
Lightly smoked lavaret, beetroot ketchup and juniper berry seasoned spring potatoes

Grilled pork with tar sauce and roasted root vegetables

Vegetarian option: Herb seasoned horse bean root vegetable hash

Lingonberry mousse

Menu by Chef Petteri Uuttu
Warm bolete mushroom – bacon pie

Lapland cheese curd with cloudberry jam

Cold-smoked elk soup

Feeling hungry? Get your Arctic15 ticket now! http://www.arctic15.com/tickets/

Photos from the top collage by Daniel Schildt

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