Arctic15 Food Street in Stockholm

2018-05-30 Arctic 15

As Arctic15 Stockholm is around the corner, let’s have a look on how you will be keeping your body and mind going through the busy event days. The Helsinki concept of separate Food Street and Café areas will be merged into one for our first Sweden edition and all the aromas and flavors will be found at NewCo Helsinki Café, which is situated very conveniently between the stage and the Deal Room.

At Arctic15 we thrive to provide you a top-quality experience when it comes to keeping your body nourished and your brains energized. At NewCo Helsinki Café you can get non-stop coffee and tea and if you have a bit of time and patience to wait, go for the special coffee from the barista van. There will be sandwiches available in the morning, full lunch around noon and no need to hurry there immediately as the chefs will keep a steady flow of fresh food during the lunch hours until 3pm. And for the late afternoon, especially if you are too busy at meetings and miss the lunch completely, there will be smoothies and something sweet available. And of course the coffee always. Always. Always. Coffee. Plenty of networking and conversation opportunities at the NewCo Helsinki Café for sure all day long.

Here is what the Munchenbryggeriet chefs will be serving for us during the two event days:

Day 1

9.00 ->
Organic sandwich with wood-smoked pork, organic cheese and vegetables
12.00 ->
Fennel blackened sirloin steak with red wine sauce
Grilled char served with butter-fried chanterelles and crumbled Västerbottenost
Potato and cauliflower purée with truffles
Creamy savoy cabbage
Roasted tomato salad
Marinated beluga lentils with yellow beets and dill
Sour milk bread, sourdough bread rustic crispbread and beetroot butter
Dessert: Lingonberry pear with whipped cream
15.30 ->
Smoothie & organic chocolate balls

Day 2

10.00 ->
Organic croissants with marmalade and cream cheese
12.00 ->
Salmon fillet
Chicken thigh fillet
Quinoa with herbs, Tamari almonds, raisins, cranberries and pomegranate
Baked beetroot with ginger and lime
Lentil and bean salad with chili and coriander
Roasted broccoli with roasted sesame seeds
Sriracha mayonnaise
Sourdough bread, crispbread and whipped butter
Dessert: Apple crumble pie with vanilla creme
15.30 ->
Smoothie & brownie


So there you go. Now that your brains and mouth have been activated, in case you do not yet have your ticket secured, this is the best time to do it and start building your agenda and booking meetings for Arctic15 Stockholm.

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