Arcade indie game Tiltagon reaches one million downloads

Breakthrough of Tiltagon pushes forward newlyweds dream of establishing their own game company.

Tilt. Fall. Repeat. – That’s the process of Tiltagon.

We got great news from southern Finland, Kotka, as arcade mobile game Tiltagon reached a total of 1 million downloads. Tiltagon has been developed as a side project of husband-wife team, Jyri and Piia Kilpeläinen, and it was published this April in cooperation with Canadian NoodleCake Studios.

“The trend right now is to develop hard ‘one touch’ games,” says Jyri Kilpeläinen. “Instead of that, we decided to concentrate in using tilt controlling that utilizes phone’s accelerometer – and it has made Tiltagon stand out,” Kilpeläinen describes.

So Tiltagon is a hard arcade game leaning on clean graphics and responsive tilt controls. The goal of the player is to control a ball by tilting one’s phone or tablet and try to stay on the hexagon shaped platform as long as possible.

As one might think, the tilt control doesn’t actually make the game more easy and according to the reviews, it rather makes Tiltagon hard to master (and really hooking). For instance Time Magazine chose the game at it’s launching week in their top 5 mobile games list, and it has received a rating of 4,2 stars out of 5 in Google Play. The game is available for iOS, Android and Windows.

Tiltagon isn’t the couple’s first mobile game, but it certainly had a lot at stake. After releasing five games such as the minimalistic ball racer Super Line Rush, the internet meme inspired Super WeaselPecker and Super Llama Chase, the duo decided that if their next game doesn’t succeed – it might be the last one they’ll ever make.

On the other hand if they would succeed, the couple would push forward the dream of establishing their own game company. While working all evenings and weekends with this side project, happily Tiltagon became their breakthrough game.