Annia Capital Looking For Entrepreneurs

    Annia Capital, a Nordic investment firm with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm, is currently looking for high-potentential entrepreneurs that can take advantage of their experience and capital. Annia’s focus is fairly broad, but generally they’re looking for products and services with clear international growth potential. Most of their investments will be in early stage firms, with a technology focus, or other businesses as long as they are asset light.

    Annia Capital is not built around a traditional fund structure, but are investing their own funds and engaging co-investors on a case-by-case basis. Instead of a specific investment plan, Mikko Silventola, a founding partner at Annia Capital says, “Our premise is that the support we can provide (marketing, contacts, know-how, etc) is at least as important as the capital we provide and hence we want to make sure we partner with the best possible people/institutions for a given situation”

    The three founding partners, Anton Molander, Mikko Silventola, and Rasmus Molander have a fairly diverse background in software, media, sports, retail, food production, and healthcare. The team has experience in both startups and leading multinational companies, and really stress their access to unique marketing and relationships to senior management in Nordic companies and international investors.

    “Our diverse backgrounds should make us good partners for fast-growing early stage companies,” says Silventola. “We have experience with founding, growing, financing, restructuring and exiting international firms and can thus support the companies we invest in in a hands on manner in almost all challenges they face”

    The best way for entrepreneurs to get in touch with Annia Capital is to email, call, or meet over a cup of coffee. Contact information can be found on their website.