Angry Birds Coming To Windows Phone And So Is Angry Birds 3D

Angry BirdsAngry Birds has been on the iOS devices as well as the Android platform for quite long now and reports are that Rovio is in works to bring this to the Windows Phone 7 devices. A bit surprising to me why they haven’t given the Microsoft’s mobile platform a thought earlier? Maybe it was Microsoft alone that had kept the Angry Birds from coming any sooner. We won’t dwell into this side of conversation and will simply stick to the news.

I personally think now is the best time for Microsoft to try and get the game to its mobile platform, there is a clear advantage of doing so. First, the game has a gained a massive popularity on all mobile operating systems it is currently available on. It has grown beyond a mobile game to have a real presence in our lives with Angry Birds stuffed toys to board game, all the way to Rio, the animated Hollywood feature film in the making. There is all the hype that is needed to leverage the game for Microsoft to use it to its mobile OS’ advantage and I think this would actually prove more advantageous for Microsoft than Rovio. Am I wrong to think that?

There is more to add. Angry Birds is also set to make a 3D appearance, with this being mentioned by Peter Vesterbacka the Mighty Eagle at Rovio, though he hasn’t clarified anything on this. We aren’t aware what 3D device is going to be the first to have the 3D Angry Birds but the LG Optimus 3D is one of the top contenders. It could be any other device but if I were to be in Microsoft, I would have thought a bit beyond having Angry Birds on my standard Windows Phone 7. Perhaps work more closely with Rovio and have a WP7 to be the first to have the 3D version on a device.

We would mention once again that all this is in works, but if that has been said by Vesterbacka, we can definitely count on this to be believable.