GigsWiz Brings Its Ticketing Service To The US

    GigsWizGigsWiz, the Finnish startup that launched last year as what we all would call a fan and artist friendly ticketing service has sailed across the European continent into the US. The startup offers bands tools to manage and collect requests from fans, also providing them with an extensive analytics on what friends want to hear and where.

    It had also made an official launch in the UK in January and is finally attempting to set a stronghold in the US. The US launch took place at the New Music Seminar in Los Angeles. The service has gone affective and any one in the US can start using GigsWiz direct to fan ticketing for better promotions, marketing via social media as well as increased ticket sales. When you have a service that leverages social media services like Facebook and Twitter, providing embeddable widgets as well as applications for Facebook, you are bound have an ever growing presence. It is easier to spread the word around, share content or activity with friends and others who are interested in similar things. To put it more concisely, any service using social media to its advantage has more eyes looking over it. GigsWiz is not just for fans alone, it can be used by event managers, locations and artists alike, listing all upcoming events and thus purchase tickets.

    The team comprises of Joonas Pekkanen, Kai Lemmetty and Juuso Vermasheinä. We have sent an email to Kai to get more on this expansion, stay tuned for an update.