Bookkeeping and Accounting in Finland Made Easier


That’s the percentage of small business owners that claim that bookkeeping & taxes are the worst part of owning a small business. If you run a startup you know that what it is like, spending hours and hours on repetitive bookkeeping tasks. With the emergence of chat bots and AI-powered data-entry tools, bookkeeping and accounting become easier, but still not fast enough to eliminate the burden. What if these processes were seamless?

Well, we are not too far from that, since Finnish invoicing company Zervant and accounting software firm Briox has today announced a new partnership. It will allow Zervant’s customers in Finland to take advantage of Briox’s cloud based accounting solutions, thus providing them with a comprehensive alternative for managing their bookkeeping.

What it means for users is that they will get a more extensive online accounting solution, where invoicing will be done through Zervant, and bookkeeping will be done seamlessly via Briox.

Zervant aims to transfer accounting for all its invoicing users in Finland over to Briox by the end of 2017.

Zervant is currently more focused on invoicing, and will soon include additional products for helping entrepreneurs get paid faster. Although users will be free to choose how they manage their accounting going forward, it is hoped that the partnership with Briox will offer a quick, easy and viable alternative. These changes will not affect Zervant users based in any other countries.

In the coming years, we will be focusing our efforts on developing a portfolio of products centred around invoicing, one that brings our users increased value and, equally important, that they enjoy using,” – commented Mattias Hansson, Zervant’s CEO on the new announcement.

With new products, the company plans to cover 80% of the EU market, in terms of population, by the end of 2017. To date, it has users from 160 countries and over 8 million Euros of funding from venture capital and angel investors.