Innovate!Europe To Identify Europe's Most Promising Startups

    innovateeuropeNow that everybody’s talking how the economy is predicted to go into a ever steeper tailspin, we wanted to (yes, again) offer a real opportunity to those statups who believe they can rise up to the challenge.

    For this we have partnered with Guidewire Group’s Innovate! Europe,  a three-part program designed to identify Europe’s most promising startups and accelerate their drive into the global technology market. During this European “talent search,” entrepreneurs will receive invaluable mentoring and promotion while competing against other aspiring startups.

    How to know you qualify:

    • You are ready to expand out of your home market, to go global.
    • You are in the information technology, Internet, mobile and digital media sectors.

    Hundreds of companies will apply. Only one will be named the top startup in all of Europe.

    The first step is to apply online for an invitation to participate one of Innovate!Europe’s complimentary Going Global Workshops.  The most promising companies are invited to local Going Global Workshops, where Guidewire Group’s expert analyst team will give you feedback on your company’s competitive value proposition and market opportunity, and help you hone your pitch and the skills you need to best compete in fast-paced markets like Silicon Valley.

    Upcoming Going Global workshops:

    30 March: Bern, Switzerland

    3 April: Berlin, Germany

    6 April: Paris, France

    Application and attendance at the Going Global workshops are free, so apply now for the competition and to participant in a Going Global Workshop.

    The most promising companies who participate in Going Global Workshops will receive free online promotion and exclusive invitations to the next phase of the program: Innovate! Europe’s Master Class, where you will prepare to go global. During the intensive course, taking place May 4-6 in Zaragoza, Spain, you will learn the governance, marketing, fundraising, partnering and business development skills critical to thriving in Silicon Valley. Taught by serial entrepreneurs, financiers and experts from Europe and the United States, the Master Class curriculum will highlight proven strategies and best practices that are integral to becoming a successful global entrepreneur.

    The top graduates of Innovate!Europe’s Master Class will have an opportunity to put their newfound knowledge to use and accelerate their business in Silicon Valley as participants of the Innovate! Europe Trade Mission the week of June 9th.

    Innovate!Europe will culminate with the selection of one European startup that shows the greatest potential to shine on the global stage. That company, which will be selected by the Innovate!Europe’s Master Class faculty, will win an exclusive spot at Guidewire STUDIO, an in-residence business accelerator in the heart of Silicon Valley. Executives from the winning startup will have the opportunity to benefit from knowledgeable mentors, to reach new investors and to form strategic partnerships to help grow their business.

    This 90-day STUDIO engagement typically costs $30,000, plus equity. To the winner of the Innovate!Europe search for the top European startup, the STUDIO is absolutely free. Learn more at