Mobile Dev Camp Coming To Helsinki

    mobiledevcampMobile Dev Camp (MDC), an informal gathering mainly for mobile developers that started after the iPhone came about, will be organized in Helsinki on 21st February, 2009.

    Apple’s iPhone (and Android right after it) brought a lot of new people to the mobile development world. The people are entereing the mobile remit en mass at the same pace as iPhone is conquering market share. Along with the sexiness of the new apps developed for iPhone and Android platforms, the new platforms are also a easier to develop for compared to say Symbian, which is Nokia’s preferred platform.

    These new people are entering the mobile world mainly from the sexy web 2.0 world bringing concepts such as BarCamps and Unconferences with them. This is also clearly seen in the one organized in Helsinki.

    One of the people behind the MDC Helsinki, Peter Robinett who was also speaking at our ArcticEvening a while ago, has already orgazanized three other mobile development camps in Amsterdam: One for Android, one for iphone and one for a variety of mobile topics.

    At the Finnish end, organizers include Andreas Karlsson and Mikko Hämälainen of Grey Area Labs,  Kai Lemmetty of Floobs and Mike Bradshaw.

    The attendance is free of charge and only thing you have to bring with you is your laptop and and open mind. And if you’re not a developer? Don’t worry! You can still attend as long as you can contribute.  You can sign up here.