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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Zipipop looking for international markets

Zipipop (see our previous coverage) launched recently an English version of their “Mennäänkö yhdelle?” application in Facebook, now called “Going for one?”. It’s an application designed to make it easier to get your friends in the same place for a drink. Helene Auramo, CEO of Zipipop, provided us a bit more insight into the company’s plans.

Helene comments it was clear from the beginning that if the application would fare well in Finland, they would produce an English version. The Finnish user interface has done the trick in getting the application to spread around, and it seemed right now was a good time to make the international debut.

Helene reveales Zipipop has actually used the Going for One? application as a demo for a bigger “Event Organizer”, to learn about users’ wishes and behavior. They were especially interested in learning how spontaneous small event organizing works with social media.

Then the obvious follow-up question, where’s the money? Helene comments Zipipop is currently developing “creative advertising models” supporting the usability of the applications and providing thus added value for the users, as opposed to banner advertising. In addition Zipipop continues to make Facebook applications for other companies. Helene confirms Zipipop is profitable already, so seems they have been able to keep costs under control so far.

In the future Zipipop will be expanding into mobile. Going for One application is already usable on mobile, and according to Helene the main focus of development will be seen on that front. She also flashes iPhone as one of the target platforms, and the company is also looking into Open Social.

While the Facebook/social network sector can be a tough place to do business in, it’s good to see brave activity there (and there are some good examples also). These days it seems everyone’s up to creating different advertising models, though, but I hope Zipipop finds the correct mix. I also heard through the grapevine Zipipop has something to do with a Finnish technology consulting firm, who is among other things specialized ramping up startups and acquiring funding…maybe there’s something coming up?

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