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Zerply Adds Premium Themes

We reviewed Zerply a few months back, calling it the next generation professional network. We weren’t wrong as the recent flare in its usage has been immense, maybe we are following all those who are part of Zerply, but we see the name more often in our timeline. The professional network is beginning to monetize its platform and has taken another step towards it with its premium themes.

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Its growing catalog added themes from Mike Kus, a renowned web designer and another one by Kyle Steed. The theme by Mike Kus is sleek and offers a quick overview of your social links and contact information on the top. In short where it matters the most.

The other by Kyle is our favorite primarily as it is hand drawn. Secondly it keeps your social links on one side (the right side) and the textual details in the body. We know it is a matter of personal preference, but this one makes you want it.

Both of these themes are available at a mere $29. Of course this is all about your choice and how far you want to go with personal branding. Before going further let us clarify that Zerply is a great tool for personal branding even if you are using the free version, which is exactly why CEO Christofer Karltorp was quick to state:

everything that is free today will remain free in the future

Monetization of the platform, should therefor not be frightening for existing and future members. The monetization would usually cater to a premium feature store that probably showcases items like premium themes, promotions or even a service like a brand blog maybe?

Free has been Zerply’s unique selling point and differs it from the competitors in the arena. We have used Zerply ourselves and think it is a far easier way to summarize your professional experience and expertise. The search feature is equally impressive as it can be optimized as per user defined tags, locations and keywords. The professionals matching the search query are listed and their profiles can be viewed without a visitor needing to signup.

Zerply is co-founded by Swede Christofer Karltorp and Taaniel Jakobs from Estonia. Their team is spread around the world.

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