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Friday, April 19, 2024

Swedish Younium raises €2.7M to expand global presence in subscription management

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Younium, a Stockholm-based software company specializing in subscription management, billing, and pricing solutions, has secured an additional €2.7 million (31 million SEK) in funding. The investment was led by existing shareholders and joined by Partinc Capital, a significant stakeholder in the company. Despite economic challenges in 2023, Younium demonstrated strong growth, reporting 55 million SEK in recurring revenue and expanding its client base across 15 countries. With this funding, Younium plans to further expand its presence in Europe and North America, aiming to solidify its position as a global leader in subscription management services.

After 2023, a challenging economic year for many industries, Younium reported a recurring revenue of 55 million SEK and a 60% growth, with acquisition of new clients spanning across 15 countries. Having demonstrated the resilience of their strategy even in the toughest markets, Niclas Lilja, CEO, envisions a clear path forward: expanding the company’s presence in established strongholds and venturing into newer markets.

“Last year saw significant growth and the acquisition of new clients in 15 countries, accompanied by substantial internal expansion. With the latest financing, we envision the chance to strengthen our position as a global leader, expanding our presence in both Europe and North America and achieving positive cash flow,” says Niclas Lilja, CEO and founder.

Per Nordling, Chairman of the Board at Younium and Partner at Partinc Capital, echoes confidence in Younium’s trajectory. Having been part of the journey since its inception, he highlights the tremendous potential the product and category hold in the growing SaaS landscape.

“We have been with Younium since its inception and have witnessed the potential the product and category hold in the ever-growing SaaS landscape. With a growth rate of 860% over the past four years, we look forward to the coming years with confidence,” expresses Per Nordling, Chairman of the Board at Younium and Partner at Partinc Capital.

By cultivating a customer base that encompasses prominent SaaS and software companies such as Quinyx, Superoffice, and Topdesk, Younium has firmly positioned itself as a reliable partner for subscription management and business development in the Nordic market. However, with an increase in demand, there is now a great opportunity to solidify the same position across all of Europe.

“We’ve maintained our position as the category leader in the Nordics and Benelux for an extended period, but we’re now also seeing an increased demand for a specialized solution to oversee advanced B2B subscriptions, among B2B SaaS companies all across Europe. We want to seize this momentum and further increase our market share outside of the Nordics and Benelux, as well as in North America.” states Emelie Linheden, Marketing Director.

Since 2022, Younium has experienced significant acceleration, expanding, among other things, to the North American market and establishing a local team. The USA expansion is spearheaded by CEO Niclas Lilja, who, along with another team member from the European operations, has relocated to support the team closely. With the newly secured investment, Younium continues to position itself as a leading player in shaping the future business landscape for subscription-based services.

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