Write A Letter Today To Receive It Tomorrow With Letter2Future

    I miss out on knowing what I planned last year. How much of it has been achieved and what hasn’t been? While a personal diary with all records and an online to to list there is nothing like a letter from your own self dated from last year. Letter2Future takes care of that.

    The startup hails from Lithuania and is a non-commercial project aimed at helping you send your letter to the future. “Thoughts materialize better on paper” is indeed a wonderful phrase and ensures whatever you thought or planned is available anytime without risk of being forgotten or altered. The startup enables you to compose a letter today, on anything you want write, be it a plan, a promise that you make today or just share with your beloved how much you love them today. Once written you can assign a future date when the letter is to be delivered. Great, there is some more news to make it better.

    Letter2Future is allowing the first 1,000 users sent the letters for free in either the electronic form or in paper. Once this limit finishes users will have to pay $5.99 to send letters on paper anywhere in the world, while emailing letters would be free. Users also have the option to make their letters public or private based on their preferences. As for protection, you don’t have to worry about it anyway as Letter2Future ensures your letters are stored at Mount10, Switzerland. That is where major multinationals, pharmaceuticals, names securely save their data. The benefit? It guarantees that your data is protected irrespective what man made calamity hits the world.

    You can future date the delivery of your letters from 1 month to 10 years, meaning you can send these letters to your spouse, children or grandchildren. All that needs to be done is to compose the letter, set the dates, assign the address and submit.

    Coming to the features, I think the most essential addition is the inclusion of numerous languages. 11 in total and those include Hindi and Mandarin, which opens it to the bulk of Internet users. The language support doesn’t limit them to only English speaking users but to many non-English speakers. Here’s a short video explaining this:

    Other than the letter users can also create promises. This is far simpler than writing a letter as you can simply:

    • Type in a question
    • Select a theme for which you need to make a promise; Diet, Laziness habit, etc
    • Duration, this could be a month or weeks
    • Region you belong to
    • Email address where the promise is sent

    You receive an email to which you simply have to respond via a “yes” or a ”no”. Letter2Future provides you with a graph showing your progress and telling you how much you value promises.

    I have sent myself a Letter2Future and there are still 840 plus free letters waiting to be sent. Visit the site and save $5.99.