Wonderswap.com applying to Seedcamp

    Wonderswap.com, a Swedish based start-up, has applied to Seedcamp along with These Are My Brands, BuzzPal and just recently Scred.

    Wonderswap aims to create a marketplace and a community that will support the need to re-cycle amongst a new generation of people who are tired of the “buy-and-throw-away-mentality”.

    There’s not that much to see on Wonderswap’s website at the moment, but their CEO, Monika Björn, told us that they´re planning to have a Beta out by this autumn/winter. The secrecy is understandable to some extend, since Seedcamp rules suggest that your service should not have launched yet.

    For those of our readers who still don’t know what Seedcamp is here’s a short description from Seedcamp website.

    Seedcamp is an intensive week long event held in September in London targeted at young entrepreneurs from across EMEA.

    We’ve set it up to provide seed funding and world-class connections for startups. September 2007 marked our first Seedcamp Week and group of funded startups. September 2008 will mark our second.

    We will be holding an open application available online. Based on this, we will select up to 20 companies to participate in the event.

    Seedcamp application deadline is tomorrow(!), so if you’re planning on applying, apply now. If you want to apply, go here.

    Good luck to Wonderswap.com(!) and as promised an interview comes as a part of package later on.