Volumental Turns To Kickstarter to Make 3D Scan-to-print a Reality

    Not so long ago, we wrote about the amazing technology behind Volumental. Basically it allows anyone with a depth camera, like the one on Kinect, to create 3D models of just about anything. All you have to do is simply record a 360 degree view of the object and their web-based solution will do the rest.

    The problem is, there are limited ways in which you can use this. Of course there is gaming, 3D art, 3D modelling, etc. However the real attraction is to be able to scan an object and instantly print it on your 3D printer. This is what Volumental wants to achieve and to do so, they turned to Kickstarter. They are looking to raise a total of $20 000, which should allow them to hire a full-time developer to build the web-based scan-to-print app.

    As it stands, it would take you a lot of work to make a printable 3D model. Basically you need to isolate the object you want to print from the background and all the other captured objects. Then you also need to make sure that the figure would sealed and waterproof, the edges need to be smoothed out and more. Volumental, tells us that all of this can be done automatically and they know how to do it.

    The 3D printing revolution is on the rise and as research suggests, you can save up-to $2000 a year if you have a 3D printer at home. Being able to scan objects will not only make your life easier but will allow open a lot of doors even if you do not have any 3D modelling skills. Imagine being able to scan broken household items, fixing them in 3D and printing them out. Alternatively you can make a copy of you kids favorite toy or perhaps extra sets of your kitchen appliances?

    In return for supporting the project, the backers get anything from a T-Shirt to a license for unlimited printable models. This hints at the final monetization and pricing idea that the team has for the future.

    The campaign was launched yesterday and so far they have gathered $4 310, which is about 20% of the funding goal. You can check out the project here and watch their Kickstarter video below:

    Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // 3D Printer