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The first carbon neutral micromobility Swedish startup, raised $115m

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Voi Technology, a very successful micromobility company from Sweden, announced to have raised a $115 million Series D funding round. As more and more companies are competing to become the number one in the micromobility area, this is great news for those looking for safer and more sustainable modes of transport.

Sustainability is a factor that businesses in all industries should take into account. As we start learning more and more about the importance of protecting the environment, we also get to realize the importance of sustainability. Besides, following business practices that increase sustainability is not only good for the environment but it is good for the business as well. And we can see the proof of this with the success of Voi.

Voi is a Swedish micromobility operator founded in 2018 with its headquarters in Stockholm. Focused on providing a more sustainable alternative to conventional transportation methods, Voi has become the first carbon neutral micromobility company in 2020 and it claims to be number one in Europe in terms of business success. When we look at their progress, nobody can claim that they are wrong.

Voi takes its total capital raised in 2021 to $160 million with its latest campaign

The successful growth of Voi is nothing new and it has been going on for a while. Since the start of 2021, the company had already raised a fair amount of funding through its campaigns. Also this year Voi was awarded Global Startup of the Year, out of 98 global finalists.

Considering the vision that the company has for the future and its past efforts to become as environmentally friendly as possible, we should all be excited about Voi’s ever-growing success.

The company is planning to expand even larger with the growing demand for micromobility

As far as the year on year revenue, Voi achieved 140% growth in 2021 and beat its peers in terms of profitability. About the industry and the company’s success within the industry, Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and co-founder of Voi, stated:

There is no doubting that micromobility is here to stay and Voi intends to be the go-to mobility platform in Europe“.

Now Voi is planning to grow in the micromobility field and dominate the market in Europe. Also, it has pledged to become climate positive by 2030. We will see whether these predictions come true or not in the following years.

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Sena Konakci
Sena Konakci
A true free spirit, Sena (she/her) spent a substantial part of her life travelling the world and was working for successful startups in many different fields along with writing for local newspapers and magazines for over two decades. With a knack for detecting promising businesses and years of experience under her belt, Sena has decided to focus her attention on writing about startups. Aside from following the newest developments in the startup scene of the Nordic countries, she loves volunteering and camping in her spare time.

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