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Friday, April 19, 2024

Lithuanian Vinted expands Nordic reach with the acquisition of Danish Trendsales

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Vilnius-based Vinted has acquired Copenhagen’s Trendsales. Vinted is a C2C marketplace for second-hand items, while Trendsales is Denmark’s largest second-hand marketplace for fashion and lifestyle items. The acquisition aims to strengthen Vinted’s presence in the Nordic region, following successful launches in Sweden and Finland and its Danish debut in September 2023. Trendsales has been instrumental in increasing second-hand consumption in Denmark. With this acquisition, Vinted seeks to leverage Trendsales’ regional knowledge and strong Danish presence to achieve synergies and new opportunities in the second-hand market, aiming to make second-hand the preferred choice for consumers in Denmark and beyond.

Trendsales is Denmark’s largest second-hand marketplace for fashion and lifestyle items and has played a significant role in increasing Danes’ second-hand consumption over the past years. Following a consistently strong performance, the company is now joining forces with Vinted. By combining Vinted’s scale and expertise with Trendsales’ regional knowledge and strong Danish presence, the combined business can achieve significant synergies and new opportunities to benefit Danish consumers.

“The Danish appetite for second-hand clothing continues to grow, and Trendsales has played a significant role in that development. With impressive growth and a compelling vision, Trendsales is a company that has established a strong second-hand community in Denmark that we are excited to become part of. We look forward to a shared future in which we’ll continue our journey to make second-hand first choice in Denmark and beyond,” says Adam Jay, CEO Vinted Marketplace.

Vinted is a prominent C2C platform in Europe, specializing in second-hand fashion. With a vast user base spanning 20 markets in Europe and North America, totaling over 80 million registered members, Vinted aims to promote sustainability by making second-hand items the preferred choice. The platform allows individuals to sell and purchase pre-owned clothes and lifestyle products, extending the lifecycle of these items. Additionally, Vinted Go, a subsidiary brand, focuses on improving shipping and delivery processes across Europe by collaborating with numerous carriers and pick-up/drop-off points. Founded in 2008 in Lithuania, Vinted has since become a significant player in the e-commerce sector, receiving backing from several prominent venture capital firms.

“Vinted’s commitment to make second-hand the first choice in Europe offers us exciting opportunities on a much larger scale. After a successful journey with Trendsales over the past years, I am excited to join forces with the Vinted team and collectively tackle the opportunities ahead,” says Mads Aaroe Mathiesen, CEO of Trendsales, about the acquisition.

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